Getting Paid in Comedy

So you have spent a while honing your craft, timing your jokes and standing in the mirror shouting “I can do this” every time before you leap on stage. The obvious next step towards getting paid in comedy is turning it from a hobby into a career. The time for this transformation to happen isn’t […]

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Goal Setting as a Comic

What are your comedy goals? Have a Netflix special or sell out Madison Square Garden? As big as your ambitions are, the goals that you need to set need to be a lot more bite sized. If you set your sights too high too fast you run the risk of hindering your motivation as you […]

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Finding Your Comic Voice

One of the most commonly asked questions to a veteran comic is, “how did you find your voice?” This can be a tricky question to answer as the path to “finding yourself” as a comic can be different for everyone.  There is only really one guaranteed answer and that is the voice that you start […]

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