Goal Setting as a Comic

What are your comedy goals? Have a Netflix special or sell out Madison Square Garden?

As big as your ambitions are, the goals that you need to set need to be a lot more bite sized. If you set your sights too high too fast you run the risk of hindering your motivation as you feel that things might not be happening fast enough.

Remember your first comedy goal? Getting on stage and getting a laugh. It’s always nice if those things both happen the first time but the latter can come later. Goals need to be simple so that you can achieve them but the total achievement of many smaller goals will bank up something huge.

The first thing you should do is set your overall goals. These are your milestone goals that you can think big on. Say that you want to record your first hour special within five years. Once that goal is established you can break down the smaller steps that will add up to getting what you want.

Break that goal into five steps, then break those steps down into five steps. Breaking each section down into a small goal will help you not get frustrated. Once you have all the goals broken down then you need to make a to do list. Make sure there is something that you can mark off today and each week.  It can be as simple as write five jokes or it could be do two gigs in the week.

When you tick things off your list or achieve a goal, don’t forget to celebrate those achievements because each step is helping you grow as a performer.

If you feel like you can’t achieve a step in your plan, break it down even further, what little things need to be achieved to accomplish that. There is a pathway to what you want but the work is very real. How much work you put into it is completely up to you.


Scott Black

"I am a comedian and screenwriter with over 20 years of stage, screen, digital, print, and broadcast experience. I love to work with fun and creative people."

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