Creating Productive Habits for Comedians

Many of us considered a career in comedy impossible until Amy Schumer came along and our once lost passion ignited into an explosion, like God having an orgasm. The pleasant art of writing comedy takes many different forms. For some, its researching topical news stories and embezzling them into humor while for others, it’s more […]

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Tweaking The Joke

As a comedian, I get folks all the time that come up to me after shows and say “Yeah, I’m told I’m funny. I could do this.” What people that do this fail to realize is that saying that is a slap in the face to a comic. There is so much more to being […]

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We Did It!

We did it! When the stars align great things happen. This site, of which the book is a start, will be about “Helping To Make The World A Funnier Place” This site is dedicated to improving starting and seasoned comedian’s ability to continue to produce and deliver quality material. We will have featured blogs by […]

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