Creating Productive Habits for Comedians

Many of us considered a career in comedy impossible until Amy Schumer came along and our once lost passion ignited into an explosion, like God having an orgasm.

The pleasant art of writing comedy takes many different forms. For some, its researching topical news stories and embezzling them into humor while for others, it’s more of a challenge with pacing up and down an empty hallway for inspiration or waiting for comedy to write itself during a sale in Walmart’s.

Never has there been a better time to get out there and bring the funny. We have some useful tips on creating productive habits for comedians that you need to learn, that’s unless you think Amy Schumer is actually funnier than you…

Write all the time
Literally bring a small booklet with you everywhere as if you are a homicide investigator from CSI. And I really mean bring it everywhere so you can write jokes down, take it with you on dates, at job interviews or even make notes during intercourse pretending you had this unrelenting desire to write a love poem. Sacrifices are necessary for creating productive habits for comedians. You’d be surprised how many comedians have been inspired to write jokes at a funeral.

Learn to improvise
Normally before performing a set, you will have a list of your topics noted down to remind yourself of your order. But things never always go to plan, you might have to perform after somebody else bombs or they made yet another holocaust joke. The biggest problem in creating productive habits for comedians is being unprepared for these situations. The most likely case is a belligerent heckler, you need to have at least 3 premade comebacks at the ready. If you defeat the douche, you will win the audience.

Get as much feedback as possible
People LOVE hearing jokes but how can you ensure that they work? The audience is obviously a big indicator but before you perform a show, try asking other comedians or tell a few in an elevator full of people which you have purposely stopped so they can’t escape. Criticism isn’t going to stunt creating productive habits for comedians in any way, learn to deal with it and get better. Remember the power of humor, you could have the face of Shrek with a seafood allergy but if you can make someone laugh, they will immediately become enamored.


Johnny Friel

A guy who lives in Asia. I freelance as a comedy writer and travel blogger (like 90% of everyone else on here). I have performed stand-up comedy in Bangkok for over 3 years so I can bring the funny.

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